Friday, August 21, 2009

For the month of August, I have been interning at Acres Manitoba Ltd., owned by Hatch, a global engineering company. It has been a great experience, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about engineering as well as applying engineering theory to real-life situations.

So far, my time at Acres has been fun, educational, and challenging—basically, a great extension of the 4 weeks I spent at Shad Valley earlier this summer. My supervisors and co-workers are friendly and helpful, and the office environment is very pleasant and positive.

Today was Casual Friday at the office. I came in at 8 a.m. and booted up my computer. After submitting my timesheet for the week, I finished editing a spreadsheet on Excel which calculated the stability of a water-retaining structure I am working on. After, I applied Bernoulli’s equation to solve for the flow rate of the water exiting the structure via pipe. At noon I took a quick but refreshing lunch, and then returned to work. I created a spreadsheet that calculated and summarized the information I had found after applying Bernoulli’s equation by hand. Unfortunately, there was an error in the method of calculation, so I did some research in a text book to try to figure out a solution to the problem. Once I was done work I walked to the bus stop to catch my bus home, looking forward to my next week at Acres and thinking of all I have learned and applied thus far.

Rebecca Kummen

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB